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    Дениз Остин / Denise Austin
    Кэти Фридрих / Cathe Friedrich
    Тереза Тапп / T-Tapp
    Трейси Андерсон / Tracy Anderson
    Тренировки INSANITY / Инсанити
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Fe Fit 90 Day Fitness Experience 231 Грн.
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Формат: DVD
Количество Дисков: 8
Доступные изменения:

Fe Fit 90 Day Fitness Experience

Продолжительность:  полный курс тренировок рассчитанный на 90 дней.

Язык комментариев: английский язык.

  • 28 workouts on 8 DVDs, Created by women, for women. More than any other program. Lose weight, shed fat, tone up and feel attractive and sexy.
  • Transform your body with varied 21-day, 6-week, and 13-week programs 7 fun fitness genres: Cardio Circuit Core Lower Body Upper Body Total Body Toning Barre and Stretch Flow
  • Designed for women to: Flatten stomachs. Firm and tighten glutes. Push yourself to the NEW YOU. Bonus tools for measuring and tracking success.
  • Fe Fit gives you fun and trendy workouts that are empowering and high energy. All fitness levels.
  • Our program won't bulk you up like other workout DVDs that aren't designed for a woman's body.

Disc 1.
Intro to Fe Fit (2 Minutes)
    Fe Fit Essentials
        Barre (13 Minutes)
        Total Body (14 Minutes)
        Lower Body (14 Minutes)
        Core (15 Minutes)
        Stretch Flow (11 Minutes)
        Upper Body (14 Minutes)
        Cardio Circuit (14 Minutes)
    Week 1 (Music On/Off Option)
        Total Body 1 (28 Minutes)
        Core 1 (29 Minutes)
        Lower Body 1 (27 Minutes)

Disc 2.
Week 2 (Music On/Off Option)
        Cardio Circuit 1 (29 Minutes)
        Upper Body 1 (29 Minutes)
        Barre 1 (30 Minutes)
    Week 3 (Music On/Off Option)
        Core 2 (29 Minutes)
        Total Body 2 (28 Minutes)
        Lower Body 2 (28 minutes)

Disc 3.
Week 4 (Music On/Off Option)
        Cardio Circuit 2 (28 Minutes)
        Upper Body 2 (27 Minutes)
        Barre 2 (29 Minutes)
    Week 5 (Music On/Off Option)
        Total Body 3 (29 Minutes)
        Upper Body 3 (27 Minutes)
        Barre 3 (27 Minutes)

Disc 4.

Week 6 (Music On/Off Option)
        Core 3 (28 Minutes)
        Lower Body 3 (28 Minutes)
        Cardio Circuit 3 (29 Minutes)
    Week 7 (Music On/Off Option)
        Upper Body 4 (28 Minutes)
        Total Body 4 (29 Minutes)
        Barre 4 (28 Minutes)

Disc 5.
Week 8 (Music On/Off Option)
        Cardio Circuit 4 (29 Minutes)
        Core 4 (29 Minutes)
        Lower Body 4 (30 Minutes
    Week 9 (Music On/Off Option)
        Upper Body 1 (29 Minutes)
        Barre 1 (30 Minutes)
        Total Body 1 (28 Minutes)

Disc 6.
Week 10 (Music On/Off Option)
        Lower Body 1 (27 Minutes)
        Core 1 (29 Minutes)
        Cardio Circuit 1 (29 Minutes)
    Week 11 (Music On/Off Option)
        Upper Body 2 (27 Minutes)
        Barre 2 (29 Minutes)
        Total Body Toning 2 (28 Minutes)

Disc 7.
Week 12 (Music On/Off Option)
        Lower Body 2 (28 Minutes)
        Core 2 (29 Minutes)
        Cardio Circuit 2 (28 Minutes)
    Week 13 (Music On/Off Option)
        Barre 3 (27 Minutes)
        Total Body Toning 3 (29 Minutes)
        Cardio Circuit 3 (29 Minutes)

Disc 8. (Music On/Off Option)/
Stretch Flow 1 (20 Minutes)
    Stretch Flow 2 (20 Minutes)
    Stretch Flow 3 (19 Minutes)
    Stretch Flow 4 (28 Minutes)

The Fé Fit 90-Day Fitness Experience is an empowering and fun 90-day workout program designed by moms, for moms. Our goal is simple: to inspire moms of all ages to get fit and stay healthy—not just for themselves, but for their families.
Fé Fit understands that being a mom is challenging and rewarding. Your fitness should be the same.

30 Minutes a Day - We understand your time is precious! From warm up to cool down, we provide a non-stop fitness experience that builds strength and endurance without a minute wasted.

13 Weeks to a New YOU!! - What if I told you that in 13 weeks you could look and feel better than you have before? Our program focuses on a total body experience to help you achieve the results you've always wanted.

3 Times a Week! - We get it! Not all of us have time to workout every day. That's why we only ask you spend three days a week with us. You pick the days, and we provide the fun! Totally doable, right?

Make Fitness a Priority! - Too often we find ourselves worrying about others, while forgetting about our own needs. The truth is our fitness is one of the MOST important aspects of our lives! Make it a priority again!

7 Different Fitness Genres. We work it ALL! Core, Cardio, Barre, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body, and Stretch! We haven't left out a single muscle!

QUALITY, Not Quantity - It’s about quality not quantity! Our 30-minute workouts are designed to incorporate all of the benefits you would get in an hour-long class at the gym.

28 Unique Workouts - Other programs ask you to repeat workouts over and over... NOT US! We give you 28 workouts to keep it new and fun!

Mixing It Up - We're different! Our experience provides variety to keep it fresh and fun! Each workout in the program is only done a few times to ensure it never gets old!

Long, Sexy, and Lean - We combine high-intensity strength training, fast-paced cardio endurance, and flexibility enhancement to create the long, lean, and SEXY body that all of us strive for!

Be Strong - Using your body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands and high-repetition sets, you'll sculpt your muscles, focus on the jiggle behind your arms, and build the total-body strength you've always wanted.

Tighten and Tone - Lift your glutes, slim your inner and outer thighs, strengthen your quad muscles and lengthen your calve muscles. Nothing feels better than a tighter, toner lower body!

Strong from the Inside, Out - Whittle your middle and chisel your abs! We build our strength from the core. Our program is designed to focus on the mid-section to build a stronger total body!

Burn Fat FAST! - We all know cardio is the key to weight loss. But, honestly, who has time to run hours everyday? We sneak it in on you! We keep your heart rate up to build muscle and burn fat!

Keep the Cardio Coming - High energy, dynamic movements and a solid sweat will help take your fitness and cardio to the next level. We alternate between fast moving cardio sets using weights and your body weight - targeting your entire body.

Quick Transitions - Intensity is a MUST! By minimizing rest breaks and utilizing quick transitions between exercises, we keep you moving to make sweat happen! Time flies when it's fast and fun!

Better Fuel = Better Health - Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. Our 13-step Health and User Guide offers simple and safe solutions to managing your caloric intake while improving daily habits to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.


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